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The Life of a Mompreneur—by Lauren Fairey

In the hustle and bustle of 21st-century life, juggling the roles of being a wife, mother and entrepreneur isn’t just about balance—it’s about orchestration. And let me tell you, it's an exhilarating symphony of chaos and harmony, challenge and reward.

Download Article as a PDF ->

I often get asked, "Lauren, how do you do it all?" And the truth is, there's no magic formula. It's a mix of passion, purpose and a whole lot of planning.

As a mom of three absolutely wonderful (and incredibly energetic!) young children, every day is
a whirlwind. There are sticky fingers, both real and pretend injuries, laughter, tears and the endless wonder of watching these little humans grow. But amidst the beautiful mayhem, there’s also the rewarding journey of being an entrepreneur with WealthWave.

My Journey in Financial Services

From the moment I was born, I was inadvertently woven into the fabric of this company's legacy. My dad, alongside the other co-founders, embarked on a journey that saw the establishment of what would become one of the globe's most formidable independent distributors of financial products. Over the span of these decades, the growth has been nothing short of monumental.

The WealthWave team, fortified by the insights of the HowMoneyWorks books,
has emerged as a cornerstone in promoting financial education, enlightening every student along the way. My own grasp of these enduring financial principles was nurtured from childhood, imparted across our family's kitchen table, a testament to the passion and commitment that runs deep in our lineage.

I embarked on my own WealthWave journey in 2015 with determination. Over the years, I’ve built not just a clientele but a team—a family of motivated individuals striving towards financial success and freedom. Whether hosting and interviewing leaders on LeadershipLIVE TV shows, being interviewed myself on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC or writing articles for The Wall Street Journal and WealthWaveONE, I feel a real sense of responsibility to our cause. But every podcast, every TV show and every interview discussing HowMoneyWorks isn't just a job; it's a mission.

“Here's to women who raise businesses while raising babies. To those who wake up and feed a dream while feeding their family because their passion fuels them.”

The Dance of Work and Life

I spent 16 years of my life immersed in the world of ballet, where the repetition of every pirouette and plié taught me the intricate art of synchronizing motion with melody. This discipline not only honed my physical skills, but also instilled in me
a keen understanding of harmonious coordination.

It has been interesting how having a foundation of ballet proven invaluable, equipping me with insights and adaptability that I seamlessly translate into the business realm today. Achieving a work/life balance isn't a luxury—it's a necessity. It’s a dance of give and take.

Embracing Technology: My Virtual Office

In the interconnected world of today, technology has been my most trusted ally. With my iPhone in my hand and my laptop never too far, I’ve created a paperless, always-online ecosystem that allows me to lead from anywhere and at any time. Whether I'm on a playground, taking our little girls to ballet class or in my home office, the world is quite literally at my fingertips.

Growing up in the technology era made building a business virtually a no brainer.
I can’t imagine being able to “do it all” without technology. Being paperless not only contributes to our shared responsibility of conserving the environment, but also ensures that I have every piece of information just a tap away. Whether it's helping a client make an informed financial decision, guiding our WealthWave team or prepping for my next speech, the seamless integration of technology ensures
that I never miss a beat.

The Heart of a Leader, the Soul of a Mom

But it’s not just about being constantly connected to work; it's about being always present for my family. Because when it all boils down, it's the bedtime stories, the first steps and the joyous laughter of our children that truly matters. I lead with my heart, ensuring that every client, every team member and every audience I address feels valued. But I also lead with the warmth of a mom, ensuring that my husband and my children always feel loved, cherished and above all, a priority.

Leading with Intention and Purpose

In the intricate steps of life, where every moment counts and every decision has a ripple effect, I've learned the importance of leading with intention and purpose. As an entrepreneur in WealthWave, it isn’t just about multitasking—it's about mastering the art of focused attention and weaving threads of passion, determination and authenticity through everything I do.

“The most beautiful part of being a mom and an entrepreneur is that my dreams are not just for me anymore; they're for our family.”

Finding "Me" Time

While most of my day oscillates between business calls, children's needs and
an endless barrage of notifications, it’s crucial to carve out moments of self-reflection. Whether during my early morning coffee before the toddlers wake up,
or late-night journal entries before getting my first four hour stretch of sleep before the baby’s night time feeding, these quiet moments of introspection help me reconnect with my inner compass. They remind me of who I am, why I started
this journey and where I hope to go.

Learning on the Go

One essential facet of my journey has been the constant quest for knowledge.
The financial world is ever-evolving and keeping up with these changes ensures that I serve my clients with the most current and comprehensive direction. Whether it's an audiobook during commutes or a webinar squeezed in during a lunch break, I believe that continuous learning fuels both personal and professional growth.

Charlie “Tremendous” Jones said “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” Today, “books” includes so much more: podcasts, online courses, listening to Audible, watching MasterClass and TEDTalks, reading expert articles, and learning from peer
blog posts. 

The Delicate Balance of Delegation

As a leader, I’ve learned the power of delegation. Understanding that I can't (and shouldn't) do everything on my own has been a game-changer. By entrusting tasks and responsibilities to our capable team, I can focus on strategic decisions, nurture deeper client relationships and yes, enjoy playtime with my kids without constantly peeking at my phone. It allows me to say yes to things I want to do, like take yoga class, be the room mom and cook healthy dinners for our family.

In the Heart of It All: Unwavering Passion

At the center of every team strategy session, every client meeting and every family dinner is an unwavering passion. A passion for empowering individuals with financial education, for molding our children into compassionate humans and for continuously pushing boundaries, both personal and professional. Most of us in the millennial generation want to do something that matters… something that allows us to get out of bed in the morning knowing we are making a difference in others’ lives. The combination of being an “mompreneur” allows me to do that.
No day is perfect, but everyday matters.

Building Bridges, Not Barriers

Being a entrepreneur in WealthWave has also taught me the art of building bridges. In a world where time is the most precious commodity, I’ve realized the importance of connectivity—not just digitally, but emotionally and spiritually.

“The most beautiful part of being a mom and an entrepreneur is that my dreams are not just for me anymore; they're for our family.”

Community and Collaboration

WealthWave, at its core, is more than just a financial platform. It's a community
of like-minded individuals who believe in the transformative power of financial education. As I've grown here, we've fostered a culture of collaboration.
Sharing experiences, pooling knowledge and co-creating solutions have been integral to the journey. By working together, we’re not just amplifying our individual potentials but elevating the collective capabilities of the HowMoneyWorks community.

Motherhood: My Anchor and My Inspiration

While WealthWave offers an exhilarating ride in the financial domain, motherhood constantly grounds me, reminding me of my "why" and putting life into perspective. The inquisitive and endless questions of my 5-year-old daughter,
the infectious enthusiasm and energy of my 3-year-old daughter and the innocent coos of my 4-month-old son are daily reminders of the legacy I'm creating. They serve both as my anchor, keeping me grounded to
my values and my inspiration, encouraging me to
reach higher.

Leading with Empathy

One of the most significant lessons that both motherhood and entrepreneurship have taught me is empathy. It's not just about understanding what someone is going through; it's about truly feeling it. Whether I'm addressing a client's financial concerns, guiding my team or simply listening to my child's day at school, empathy lies at the heart of every interaction. It's this compassion that enables me to foster deep connections, making my journey as a entrepreneur in WealthWave not just professionally satisfying, but personally very fulfilling as well.

“Every mom is a working mom, and moms that are entrepreneurs in addition have this resilience, creativity, resourcefulness, care, passion and positivity that makes them unstoppable.”

While typing these words, my three year old is sitting next to me with her pink Leapfrog toy laptop & a proud smile telling me “I working, mom!” You can’t get much sweeter than moments like this.

A Symphony of Chaos and Order

Every day, I now dance to a symphony of chaos and order. There are moments of true challenge, with emails pouring in, my meetings overlapping with my husband’s meetings and my kids vying for attention. But then, there are also moments of serenity—the early mornings where the kids still have sleepy eyes and they quietly play while still waking up… the peace of late nights once the kids are finally in bed and you can take a deep breath feeling relief of rest after an exhausting day. 

As I’ve been writing this article today, I have paused no less than 30 times for endless typical reasons… baby needs to be fed, the toddlers needed help taking stickers off the sheet, help a client DocuSign their policy, diaper change, someone spilled their water, laundry needs to be switched over to the dryer, my husband wants to make dinner plans together, turning on the new Barbie movie, a microscopic injury that needs a “baybaid” (Bandaid), Amazon delivery arrived, laptop is about to die so have to go plug it in, pediatrician called back, the girl’s ballet dates were emailed and need to be added to the calendar… and endless more. It’s this beautiful, harmonious way that makes my life as a mom and entrepreneur truly enriching.

The Village that Empowers

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful individuals who uplift her. My journey would have been drastically different without the unwavering support of my husband Taylor and our family, the invaluable guidance of many of you as mentors and the camaraderie of our WealthWave teams. You are my pillars, grounding me during storms and cheering during milestones.

Being a “mompreneur” teaching HowMoneyWorks isn’t just a title—it’s an adventure. It's the thrill of navigating the financial industry, coupled with the joy
of motherhood. It’s about making tough decisions, taking risks, celebrating successes and learning from struggles. It's about being resilient, adaptable and always ready to embrace the next challenge. But most importantly, it’s about love—the love for my family, our work and the incredible journey that intertwines
them both.

In reflection, the path of a mom and entrepreneur is not free of challenges. It’s paved with obstacles, uncertainties and sacrifices. But it’s also illuminated with successes, joys and countless moments of fulfillment. So, for every mother out there who’s contemplating taking the entrepreneurial plunge or is already on this journey—embrace the chaos, cherish the moments and always remember: in the grand orchestra of life, it’s the passion in your heart and the purpose in your
soul that will craft your most enduring symphony.

So, to every aspiring “mompreneur” out there: dream big, lead with passion, embrace every moment and remember, with determination and a dash of technology, you truly can have it all.

“Being a mom and an entrepreneur is the ultimate juggling act, but it's also the ultimate adventure.”
– Tory Burch
“As an entrepreneurial mom, I've learned that success isn't just about making money. It's about creating a better future for my children and inspiring others to do the same.”
– Rachel Hollis
“Being an entrepreneurial mom means constantly balancing priorities, but it also means having the freedom to create the life you want for your family.”
– Emily Ley
"Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn't know you had and dealing with fears you didn't know existed.”
– Linda Wooten
"The balancing act of motherhood, a career and being a wife, is something that I don't think I'll ever perfect, but I love the challenge of it.”
– Kerri Walsh Jennings

These words reflect the fierce determination, passion and unwavering spirit of mompreneurs everywhere.

Contact Lauren: wealthwave.com/lauren 

Financial Education: howmoneyworks.com/lauren 

Entrepreneurship: e2emakethemove.com/lauren 

Photos by XXIII Photo Studio - Colleen Walter

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@howmoneyworksofficial on Instagram

Download Article as a PDF ->