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Leader Profile: James Wilkerson— From Naval Officer to Financial Industry Leader

James Wilkerson: From Naval Officer to Financial Industry Leader—A Journey of Making a Difference

The fabric of dedication and commitment, the call to serve, is not limited by the uniform one wears. James Wilkerson's transition from serving in the military for two decades as a naval officer to now serving families as a financial professional is an exemplary story of continuous service. At the core of both roles is a common thread: making a profound difference in the lives of others.

Download the Profile Document (PDF)

A Lifetime of Service: The Military and Beyond

James' two decades in the Navy as a Lt. Commander saw him undertake various missions, from safeguarding national security on an aircraft carrier to providing relief during natural disasters. While the adrenaline, camaraderie, and sense of duty in the military are unparalleled, the ethos of serving others and making a difference is something James has carried into his civilian life.

Now, as a CFP® and CFEd®, James has exchanged his naval uniform for a business suit and his mission field is now the realm of financial education. But the commitment remains steadfast. Instead of navigating treacherous seas, he now helps families navigate the often tumultuous waters of financial decisions.

More than Money: The Value of Making a Difference

In a society that often measures success by monetary standards, James’ journey underscores a crucial message: making a difference is infinitely more rewarding than simply making money. Money, in its essence, is but a tool. It's what we do with that tool, how we allocate it, save it and use it to uplift ourselves and others, that truly counts.

James has embraced this philosophy with WealthWave. For him, ensuring a family can afford their child's college education, helping retirees live without financial stress, or assisting a young couple in purchasing their first home is akin to the satisfaction he felt when successfully completing a naval mission. There's a certain joy in knowing that one's efforts are genuinely impacting the lives of others, regardless of the domain.

Financial Education: The Pathway to Empowerment

One of James' most significant contributions in his new role is his emphasis on financial education. It's a sobering reality that many families and individuals lack basic financial literacy, which can lead to poor financial decisions, mounting debts, and missed opportunities.

“James Wilkerson's approach to financial education is both transformative and grounded. His dedication to illuminating the path of fiscal responsibility for countless individuals speaks volumes about his integrity and expertise.”

– Noelle Kim, WealthWave Leader

By providing his clients with a strong foundation in financial education, James empowers them to take control of their finances. Knowledge is power and in the world of finance, it's the power to change lives. Understanding how credit works, the importance of saving, the basics of investments, and the value of insurance can mean the difference between financial freedom and financial ruin.

Faith as the Anchor: A Divine Mission

Beyond the distinguished duties of naval service and the advocacy for financial literacy, James embraces a deeper calling, serving as a minister. This spiritual role, intertwined with his talents and spirit, serves as the cornerstone of all his endeavors. In navigating life's storms and challenges, faith is his unwavering anchor. As a shepherd of his flock, James commits to elevating the spiritual wellness of his community.

The sacred space of the pulpit amplifies his voice, allowing him to guide, kindle inspiration and fortify spirits. Harnessing teachings from sacred scriptures, he highlights the sanctity of stewardship, be it overseeing one's finances or steering the course of one's life journey and eternal destiny. His sermons, echoing with messages of hope, resilience, and the transformative essence of faith, serve as a testament to the deeply-held convictions that define him.

A National Voice for Financial Literacy

Making waves beyond the confines of his office, James has taken his message of financial education to the national stage. Featured on media platforms like NBC, FOX and WealthWave TV, James has become a recognized voice championing the cause of financial literacy. With clear explanations, humorous illustrations, and relatable anecdotes, he breaks down complex financial concepts for his team and viewers, emphasizing the transformative power of informed decisions.

“James Wilkerson stands as a beacon in the world of financial education. His ability to distill complex concepts into digestible lessons empowers countless individuals to take charge of their financial destinies.”

– Tom Mathews, WealthWave Leader

Through media appearances, James has not only showcased the importance of financial education but also inspired countless individuals to take proactive action with their finances. His ability to simplify and demystify the world of money on
such grand platforms underscores his dedication to spreading knowledge, ensuring that more individuals are equipped with the tools they need to make sound financial choices.

James Wilkerson: Leadership in Action

Navigating from the vast expanse of the sea aboard naval vessels to enlightening corners of financial classrooms, James' trajectory illuminates the diverse manifestations of a servant's heart. Whether safeguarding national boundaries, fortifying a family's financial future or anchoring himself in a lifetime of faith, a singular purpose threads through his endeavors: creating meaningful impact. Through his unwavering commitment to financial education and literacy, James transforms lives, underscoring that the spirit of service is not just a duty but a multifaceted calling.

James’ academic journey commenced at Florida A&M University where he secured a BS in Accounting, later amplifying his business acumen with an MBA from Chaminade University. Adding more qualifications for his clients, he earned the esteemed Certified Financial Planner® certification from the CFP® Board and complemented this achievement by earning the Certified Financial Educator® certification from the Heartland Institute of Financial Education.

After dedicating two decades to the U.S. Navy, James honorably retired with the rank of Lt. Commander, marking his unwavering commitment with the recognition of valor and duty. Transitioning to the financial sector, he now has two decades of industry experience. Today, he stands as the Southeastern U.S. Senior Marketing Director for WealthWave, spearheading its Financial Literacy Campaign in urban precincts. Beyond financial literacy, James also passionately chairs the board for REACHUP, Inc., fervently advocating for health equity and holistic well-being for families.

In the realm of faith, James, a licensed minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, has dedicated two decades in various ministerial roles, further exemplifying his multifaceted commitment to longterm service. Currently, he relishes the serenity of Apollo Beach, Florida, where he lives with his wife, Valerie. They have two cherished children and one grandchild.

Contact James: wealthwave.com/jameswilkerson

Financial Education: howmoneyworks.com/jameswilkerson

Entrepreneurship: e2emakethemove.com/jameswilkerson

Download the Profile Document (PDF)

James on NBC

James on Fox

James on WWTV